spring so soon

I must admit, I kind of like it, when all the stores sell out their winter clothes after christmas! Not only because of the great bargains, but also because this makes room for the first pieces of their spring collections.
Getting in the mood for springtime was really easy yesterday evening, when I found the new H&M catalogue in my mailbox! Here are some of the pieces I really loved:

all pictures from H&M, collage by me


I've been getting so many wonderful presents this year! For example my new sewing machine from my parents, and this awesome Current/Elliott Jeans Vest from A! Thank you everyone!
Inspiration on how to wear the vest from http://www.polyvore.com/:

My Favorite Color Is Blue

**Touch Of Plum**

In the Country

Runway-Won 2nd Place In Contest!

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your families!
picture by me

gift wrapping

Why does gift wrapping always take so much longer than planned?picture by me

christmas spirit

I finally had the time to decorate a little bit and get into christmas spirit. This year I chose icy colours (silver and white) and simple decoration.

My Mom on the other hand got crazy over mushrooms this year. Very cute!

freedom of mind

Finally! Completed one ot the toughest exams today successfully! No more cracking my brain over the neuroanatomy of brain structures, neuropsychological disorders etc. More time for delicious cinnamon hot cocoa at the park! Yay!