sweet moments

I really love chai tea latte. Last year I made homemade chai syrup for the first time, and last week it was time to make some again. Here's my recipe. I read over at nicest things and here that you could also add some pepper. Maybe I'll try that next time.
Once you have your syrup, just take a cup of steamed milk and add about 2-3 teaspoons of syrup. 

on my wall

I found this idea to repurpose old videocassette cases as picture frames via cool outfit, and thought this is a great idea. Now I have these two pretty cases hanging above my bed, and they can even store little secrets.

Travel Journal: Paris

Back in late September a girls weekend was spent in beautiful Paris. Remember? I thought it would be cute to have little journals for us girls to plan our days and also as a diary to write down what we did. And because I was so happy about the notebooks, I decided to make one myself. I thought I'd share the journal with all of you. Maybe you're going to Paris sometime in the future and could use a cute little journal like this. You can download the journal here. Of couse it's free.
How to do it:  
Print the first page of the journal on thicker paper with borderless print: this will be your cover. Now print pages 3-22 as a brochure (this is a setting in your printer) with 2 pages per paper and duplex (which means you print front and backside) on normal paper. The little french guide is translated to german only, if you want to skip this, do not print those sides. Lastly, put your cover in your printer again. Now you print the backside of your cover (check how your printer works to find out how you have to put the paper into the printer). Print pages 2 and 23 of the journal on the backside of the cover with the 2 pages per paper setting. Make sure the page 2 will be printed on the backside exactly where the Eiffel tower is on the front. When you're done printing, fold all pages and sew together. If you have questions about the procedure don't hesitate to drop me a line!
All the graphics I used in the journal are from the graphics fairy. The city map is a print from google maps. And the metro map is from here. Please only use the journal for personal purposes.

And there is one more thing I have to tell you about this journal. Do you remember I said I did only one thing fashion-related during Paris Fashion Week? Well, we went to the book signing of Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) and got his book 'Closer' signed as a birthday gift for A (which is why I couldn't tell you about it). He was really nice and also signed our little girly journals, which makes mine even more special to me. But let me tell you, after getting up at 3 am, a 4 hour trainride and hours of sightseeing in Paris the three of us really looked like crap. I felt horribly underdressed ;-)

one man's trash - another man's treasure

        before (cleaned already)                                           after

Sometimes I'm amazed at what some people throw away. And while I feel a little awkward digging through other people's trash, I've been rewarded with so many pretty things during the years that I don't really mind.
Here's my newest find. Good to see what some hot water and paint can do. The working surface is painted with black chalkboard paint. Somehow I've been painting everything I could get my hands on with chalkboard paint recently. 


star lantern and slate plate: das depot; numbers: shabby style; silver hearts:gift
simple advent decoration this year