mellow yellow

picture via atlantic pacific, more here

I couldn't really understand the recent yellow-hype - until now!


I need these rings. Yepp, all of them!


1 ulrikke lund
2 forever young
3-5 H&M online shop
6-8 angelica blick

Obsessed with simple black and white looks recently


pictures by me

It was mostly work and little play in Zurich last week. However, I managed to capture a few impressions. 
I'd definetely love to come back someday...

black & white

pictures by me

Inspired by the girls over at style loft, I tried these peter pan collar nails this weekend. I have been really into black and white outfits recently, and these fit perfectly.

5 o'clock

Ladurée - Thé Melange Ladurée
(rose petals, orange, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon)

Sometimes you have to indulge in a bit of luxury

gold and caramel

 Zara Sale
Todays buys

blue city

pictures by mep

A few weeks ago a cozy weekend was spent in Frankfurt. Here are a few pictures I took.