dare to dream

with the smell of spring in the air on this late november day I stumbeled across a wall telling me to dare to dream
at a closer look, I found even more beauty 

pumpkin bread

Every year in the fall I can't wait to get home to the north of Germany, where they sell pumpkin bread. This year I couldn't bring home enough of it, so I decided to make my own.
This was the first bread I ever made and, apart from burning it a little, I was pretty pleased.
In case you wanna give pumpkin bread a try, I put down the recipe for you. (Let me know if you like it!)
The recipe is for 2 big or 1 giant loaf of bread, so if you want a smaller portion, divide the ingredients by half.
This bread is a sweet bread that tastes best fresh out of the oven, still a little warm, with just some butter. Later I love it for breakfast with either chocolate sprinkles or cheese.  

across the universe

galaxy jeans: diy; shrug: & scarf H&M; tank & beanie: Primark
I cannot seem to get enough of galaxy prints. I know, so 2010. Whatever. Last week I made this pair of jeans. I had been wanting to make one since I saw this tutorial. What do you think?  

cobwebs & blood


all pictures by me
Last night a scary night was spent at my place. There were cobwebs, spiders and blood. I had been wanting to decorate a lot more, but really didn't manage to. Almost all my inspiration came from Vera's post here (thanks for saving me tons of time!). The labels are from here (I changed one because I had vampire teeth instead of zombie teeth) and the candle wrappers are from here. I also drew the design of one of the candle wrappers onto an old sower curtain with a sharpie. The wine bottle label is adapted from here. My makeup inspiration came from here. And the "bonnet" is made from a small paper doily. Oh, and in case you didn't recognise it, this outfit was majorly inspired by Downton Abbey.