Dear Disney Princesses,

You had it right all along. The brunette actually works to get something done. The blondes sit around waiting to be rescued. And the ginger's only friends are an overweight fish and a deranged seagull.

where you lay your head

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feels like september

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The weather has me starting my wishlist for fall/winter.
Right now, I feel like going for the college-preppy-retro-look with loafers, jackets and warm knits in colours like mustard, navy and caramel.
On the other hand, I know I'll also be wearing nicely cut dresses in black and grey. And slippers. I'm obsessed with slippers!
Plus I really need to invest in a timeless winter coat. I seriously can't be running around in my shabby thrifted one another winter. 

back to basics

As you might have noticed, I made some changes to my layout and changed the header as well. I wanted something a little more clean and basic, without all those ballerinas dancing around (as much as I loved them).
I'd love to hear what you think about it.

gloomy sunday

pictures by me
On this gloomy sunday I finished a diy that has been a real pain in the ass: changing the upholstery on these two chairs. I must say, I am quite satisfied with the outcome. And am especially happy, that from now on I will be spending my weekends with other things than staple guns, pincers, fabric and needle & thread 

sailor girl



gift from A
a beautifully different take on friendship bracelets