purple royalty

I love my new ring! It would also suit a vampire costume if I was to dress up for halloween. I'm not, but I'll still wear it for roasted Maroni, hot drinks and candy at the local fair. How did it get so freezing cold over night?

she works hard for the money

My friend V. is awesome! Quote: "Of course I started way too late with my magister thesis so I'm really scared I won't get it done [...]. However I started to take on another job because I thought one can never have enough money. Well, unfortunately I don't have time for the job."

I kow how you feel!

Picture credit: http://www.fashionista.com


If you haven't by now seen it: go see Coco avant Chanel! Loved it! Audrey Tautou is so graceful!

octopus garden

I'm currently totally jealus of my friend Anna's awesome octopus necklace by lua. Sadly too expensive for me! It looks like the one below, except the stone is clear instead onyx.

Safety Pin "Chanel" Bag

So, are safety pins the new studs? Inspired by this picture I saw on http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/, I decided to do a few diy's myself.
First I tried a peace-sign on a plain black T, and really liked the outcome:
So I decided to make myself a "Chanel" Bag, and I absolutely love it!
Heres how you do it (very easy!) for shirts, bags, whatever you want to decorate.
- First decide on a symbol or shape, it just should not be too detailed (although I have seen an amazing safety-pin-bird on an blazer somewhere).
- Then draw the shape on the fabric with a pencil (or white crayon for dark fabrics). Just make sure, you use something that will wash out.
- Start pulling the safety pins throught the fabric. I found it to be easier to first just put a few, and then fill in the spaces in between as you see in the following pics
Et voilá - after about 2 hours of work I was done with my one-of-a-kind bag :)