pictures by me
Some pictures from the last weeks. 
And now that A got her present I can finally blog about it: no, I couldn't resist buying that claw bracelet, and I'm loving it!

waiting for the sunny days

Now that christmas is over, for me, spring could be just around the corner. Unfortunately, it will be cold for a rather long time until then.

chasing wolves

I'm loving everything about these pictures!

a very merry christmas

Wishing all of you wonderful holidays! 
I'll be back after chritsmas.

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Those ear-pieces are
picture1, 2 & 4 fashiongirl
picture 3 fashiontoast
picture5 carolinesmode 

pure style

I'm really into no-fuss outfits recently
picture1-3 stockholmstreetstyle
picture4 facehunter 
picture5 The Satrorialist
picture6 fashiongonerouge


I'm always drawn towards black. There is a reason why 80% of my wardrobe is black...

knit pants

picture 1 sartorialist
picture 2 fashion girl
picture 3 outsapop
picture 4 lookbook.nu 

christmas spirit

I have not been feeling a lot of christmas spirit so far this year. But yesterday I found myself humming Merry Christmas (war is over), decorated my place and today made some cookies.
I guess christmas spirit is slowly growing in my heart.
How about you? Are you feeling all christmas-y yet?

 pictures by me