second hand - second life

I must say, I find it very hard to part with any of my clothes, shoes or accesoires, even if I haven't been wearing them for years. But I find it a lot easier to sell my stuff to fashionable nice people (via Blogimarket, ebay, fleamarkets, whatever) then to those certain people at fleamarkets that try to make items cheaper by talking bad about them and complaining about the quality (you know what I mean!). I'd rather give things to nice people, even for a cheaper price, then to those people. Because I know they wouldn't appreciate it. This is also why I was very happy when I got a wonderful e-mail from Alexandra, who bought my little black evening purse from my shop, telling me what she had been needing the bag for. She didn't need it as a purse, but she needed certain parts of it for some really cool DIYs. It makes me happy, that my pretty little bag, that lived through many parties with me, is now having a second life as part of a bag and a jacket. So this is my bag before: And these are the items Alexandra made from its parts. Pretty cool idea, I think!

Picture 1: me
Picture 2-4: Alexandra

catching up

Passed another exam (clinical neurology) and am now slowly catching up with all the pictures from NY, London and Copenhagen. As you can tell, I really like Malene Birger recently ;)

Pictures via
As for my giveaway, you didn't make it too hard for me, so congrats lotta! You should get it soon ;)

window shopping

More inspiration for Spring/Summer: windows at Hallhuber Pictures by me


If it only was spring by now...

Malene Birger Spring/Summer 2010
Pictures via Elle

be my valentine

Valentines day...I never really know what to think about it. While I love the idea of a day secretly sending little messages and presents to your chrush, I believe it has become way too comercialized. Plus I think it's the little gestures in everyday life that show how much you appreciate and love a person. What does a giant bouqet of flowers with the finest chocolates on one single day mean, if you don't feel loved in everyday life?

Still, in the spirit of St. Valentine I made a few collages with some of my favourite love quotes for you to enjoy.

And because I want to show you guys how much I appreciate you, I will be giving away a little valentine to one of you. I know at least some of you currently don't have a boyfriend, so maybe here's your chance of still getting a little gift ;)

I will be giving away the little bag for Tempo tissues you see below. It features tiny mushrooms that hopefully will bring you luck.How to enter: simply leave a comment on this post (including your e-mail) until Friday, 19.02.2010. I will then randomly choose a winner and contact you for your address. This giveaway is only available for people with a german shipping address. Sorry!

gone too soon

Sarah Mower on Alexander McQueens staging genius on

random thoughts

Yes, I know I should be studying right now. I really do. Anyway, I have been thinking about my outfits a lot recently. I went through my "street style" folder and realized I do own most Items to create my favourite looks, yet I stare at my closet every single morning not knowing what to wear. (Does that happen to you, too? What are your strategies?) So I decided to draw little sketches of outfits, built from items I already have in my closet, into my fashion-notebook. I hope they will remind my of how to put together nice outfits that work for me (I have tried printing out inspirational outfits, but somehow that didn't help).
Okay, this is where it gets embarrassing. Here are some sketches I did.Somewhat shocked by the awful "quality" of my "art" I remembered I once bought a book on fashion sketches but never found the time or energy to practice. I wouldn't neccesarily say my first tries look a lot better, but I mean to keep trying.
On a different note: I am SO over this snow. And just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, it surprised me. For today the white flakes that were coming down were not the icy mess they usually are, but perfect little ice cristals were swirling around me like little blossoms. I tried to photograph them, but my camera sucks big time. Sorry. But I found one on Flickr

welcome to the family

On monday I welcomed this beauty in my closet. Soft, nude jersey and black tulle with rhinestones: I just had to have it!
pictures via H&M

not so impressed

I must admit I was a little disappointed when I looked at Gudrun Sjoeden's new Spring/Summer Catalogue. While it still included some nice outfits, it lacked the breathtakingly beautiful pictures I admired so much in the past seasons. I'll still post some screenshots of my favourites for you.

all pictures via Gudrun Sjoeden


The lovely Fee gave me this awesome girl award! Thank you so much! I am passing it on to the following "awesome girls":
Lotta and Jessi (my "Google" readers)
and to all my other lovely readers!
I know, I was suposed to pass it on to 10 other people but, whatever :)

Now, 10 facts about me:
... am naturally blonde, but have been dying my hair brunette for the past 3 years
... have 90 GB of data for my diploma thesis. Not kidding!
... love walking through a warm summer rain
... own more books on fashion than University-books (I know that's kind of sad)
... miss living in Berlin sometimes
... could never resist chocolate or a piece of cake
... spend too much time watching TV and on the internet and therefore
... have a ton of DIY projects waiting for me
... am very, very impatient
... am constantly tired

god save me rejection, from my reflection I want perfection

My first beauty-post. I use these articles on a everyday basis, except for the foundation.

better late than never...

my favourites from Paris Images via, collage by me

re-obsessed with nobility

Do you know this: a loong time ago you were obsessed with something that you couldn't find/afford, and after a while you forget about it. Then years later, something reminds you of that item and - there you go - you are just as obsessed again as you once were. This happened to me when I saw these awesome crested flats on Taghrid . They reminded me of the crested Dolce & Gabbana slippers from their Fall 2006 collection, that I was crazy about back then.So I seriously spent he last 4 hours searching for affordable crested flats EVERYWHERE but couldn't find any. Any suggestions are very welcome!!
BTW: came across one outfit hat I really loved back then

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