The lovely Fee gave me this awesome girl award! Thank you so much! I am passing it on to the following "awesome girls":
Lotta and Jessi (my "Google" readers)
and to all my other lovely readers!
I know, I was suposed to pass it on to 10 other people but, whatever :)

Now, 10 facts about me:
... am naturally blonde, but have been dying my hair brunette for the past 3 years
... have 90 GB of data for my diploma thesis. Not kidding!
... love walking through a warm summer rain
... own more books on fashion than University-books (I know that's kind of sad)
... miss living in Berlin sometimes
... could never resist chocolate or a piece of cake
... spend too much time watching TV and on the internet and therefore
... have a ton of DIY projects waiting for me
... am very, very impatient
... am constantly tired

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Tabea said...

Ich danke dir vielmals, ich fühle mich gerade wirklich geehrt!;)

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