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Yes, I know I should be studying right now. I really do. Anyway, I have been thinking about my outfits a lot recently. I went through my "street style" folder and realized I do own most Items to create my favourite looks, yet I stare at my closet every single morning not knowing what to wear. (Does that happen to you, too? What are your strategies?) So I decided to draw little sketches of outfits, built from items I already have in my closet, into my fashion-notebook. I hope they will remind my of how to put together nice outfits that work for me (I have tried printing out inspirational outfits, but somehow that didn't help).
Okay, this is where it gets embarrassing. Here are some sketches I did.Somewhat shocked by the awful "quality" of my "art" I remembered I once bought a book on fashion sketches but never found the time or energy to practice. I wouldn't neccesarily say my first tries look a lot better, but I mean to keep trying.
On a different note: I am SO over this snow. And just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, it surprised me. For today the white flakes that were coming down were not the icy mess they usually are, but perfect little ice cristals were swirling around me like little blossoms. I tried to photograph them, but my camera sucks big time. Sorry. But I found one on Flickr

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Fee said...

Die Idee ist so gut und das zeugt von großer Kreativität, ich finde das toll.

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