la bohème

 pictures edited with gimp

pool and roulette - feathers and sequins - long strands of pearls - smokey eyes and red lips - swing music and cigarette tips

last weekend was a journey back to the 20ies

white agate

agate necklace: modified from New Yorker
I seriuosly don't need a single more necklace. But look at this perfect white and grey agate stone. I just had to buy it.

twig and tweet

Ok, so when I saw these little birdies over at IKEA I knew I had to give them a home on my wall. They are just perfect.

feeling blue

IKEA striped blue covers; H&M home pale pink velvet pillow

cause you and I, we were born to die

pictures by me

Lately I've been...
hanging branches from my walls
addicted to Earl Grey
❤ a little heartbroken
❤ loving dusty blue hues
reviving my guitar