confessing recent shopping "sins"
also: I suck so bad at playing guitar. I need to practice more.
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bright idea

What a good idea: a list of all fashion blogs! Get you blog added and support that ambitious project.


I must say, I was kind of surprised by the effect of the matte top coat. It works really well, even if you can't really tell from the pictures (excuse my super-dry hands). Oh, and I'm also introducing a new member to the ring-collection.
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A few things I would definetely add to my wish list.

Dresses: Modcloth
Shoes: ASOS, only grey lace-up boots via Forever 21
Heart overnees: AA
Skirt: Forever 21
Lion ring and necklace: Modcloth
Crest Ring: ebay

And some DIY-inspiration.
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I still kind of regret not having bought that grey shrug last year. I really love this outfit!
Picture via StockholmStreetStyle

tender and tough

Today was a beautiful day: shopping, lunch, shopping, frappuchino in the sun, followed by learning at the park with hot caramel tea.
Last weeks purchases are very much different from todays. Lace, flowers and pastels vs. black, studs and leather. Love both.

picture1 by A, rest by me

Sunny Spring Sunday

Fleamarket - coffee, cupcakes and macarons with A & G - finished diaper bags - ebay  motorcycle boots - audio books - Forrest Gump
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raspberry, vanilla, lemon

I made delicious macarons today. Most of them don't look too nice, for I destroyed them when I tried o remove them from the backing paper. But they taste soo good! I had no idea they consist basically of powdered sugar and butter, thought. Well, whatever :)
Edit: I just found out, today is Macaron Day (Jour du Macaron). How odd! I had no idea!
On a side note: a little glimpse into my box of scarves.
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In an evil moment the shopman held up the lovely, shimmering folds, and said, "A bargain, I assure you, ma'am."

My friend V asked me to share my wishlist for spring/summer a while ago, and now that spring is finally here I feel like doing so. Some items I already got (these are marked), and some might be added later on.
  • grey strapless dress (diy)
  • black studded vest (diy)
  • ripped boyfriend jeans
  • studded heels
  • loose, ballet style, knee length skirt
  • nude or blush coloured dress
  • nude pumps (I've been searching for the perfect ones for the past 4 years!! Any suggestions?)
  • black lace up booties
  • brown lace up boots
  • black jersey maxi dress
  • coral bracelet
  • new pair of medium wash strech jeans
  • white lacey dress
  • grey medium weight long cardigan
  • white makrame cardigan
  • silver chunky ring
  • cream/pink rose ring
  • rose print ring H&M
  • vintage look necklace
  • great flat summer sandals in a nudeish colour
  • biker shorts for under flowy dresses
  • flower print skirt
  • vintage flower print dress 

the smell of springtime in the air

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I have been asked numerous times what I believe to be really important basic items that everyone should have in their wardrobe. So I've decided to put down a list. I really tried to limit myself here. Some of the listed items I'm still searching for, some I already own in a wide variety.  But I truly believe these are the bare necessities to build a nice wardrobe. (And I love how I can justify my buys with a "but everyone needs a LBD", neglecting I already have multiples.) Here goes:

    Accesoires (This is where you can get a lot. IMO they really make the difference to an otherwise basic outfit. And you don't have to spend a fortune, especially if you buy vintage)
    Of course you need to add certain items (apart from the accesoires) that make your wardrobe "you". Like a hippie maxi dress or a crazy print T.
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    the weekend

    in the car - surprise - happy birthday M. - drinks - and dinner - and drinks - more drinks - dance - little sleep - train - Hamburg stop - garden collection - masses of people - back home - tired - rock the ballet - milky coffee at 11pm - even less sleep - 7am - video shoot - ebay - sunset - bed & tv - ginger-lemon grass chai latte

    theres a time for everything

    I love Jewellery! And I definetely go through pases with it. A while ago, it was all about the perfect earrings. Big ones, little ones, chandeliers, you name it, I had to have them all. Then came the time for bracelets and bangles of all kind. I piled them on like crazy. Sometimes I had trouble fitting through coat sleeves. Next up were necklaces. Long, dangling ones, short ones, big statement or delicate ones. Now it's all about rings. I'm looking for new rings everywhere, and can't get enough. Don't get me wrong, while in those "phases" I'll still buy and wear other jewellery, like I'll still pile on bracelets sometimes. Just my focus is a little shifted, and the craved items are the ones I especially look for, while I pick up others.

    the golden collection
    the silver collection
    most of my bracelets
    and most of my nacklaces
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