In an evil moment the shopman held up the lovely, shimmering folds, and said, "A bargain, I assure you, ma'am."

My friend V asked me to share my wishlist for spring/summer a while ago, and now that spring is finally here I feel like doing so. Some items I already got (these are marked), and some might be added later on.
  • grey strapless dress (diy)
  • black studded vest (diy)
  • ripped boyfriend jeans
  • studded heels
  • loose, ballet style, knee length skirt
  • nude or blush coloured dress
  • nude pumps (I've been searching for the perfect ones for the past 4 years!! Any suggestions?)
  • black lace up booties
  • brown lace up boots
  • black jersey maxi dress
  • coral bracelet
  • new pair of medium wash strech jeans
  • white lacey dress
  • grey medium weight long cardigan
  • white makrame cardigan
  • silver chunky ring
  • cream/pink rose ring
  • rose print ring H&M
  • vintage look necklace
  • great flat summer sandals in a nudeish colour
  • biker shorts for under flowy dresses
  • flower print skirt
  • vintage flower print dress 

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Fee said...

Tolle Wishlist, könnte ich direkt kopieren! :)

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