the weekend

in the car - surprise - happy birthday M. - drinks - and dinner - and drinks - more drinks - dance - little sleep - train - Hamburg stop - garden collection - masses of people - back home - tired - rock the ballet - milky coffee at 11pm - even less sleep - 7am - video shoot - ebay - sunset - bed & tv - ginger-lemon grass chai latte


kleinetanzfee. said...

das letzte b ild ist wunderschön!

Fee said...

Den Rock habe ich auch. Und tolle "Beschreibung" der letzten Tage.

Fee said...

Ich habe den Rock in dem Stil/Muster von H&M. :)

Rose Taylor said...

these pictures are beautiful! i love your ring, where did you get it?
and the studs on the shoulder of that black item is so bold! i love it!!

xoxo, rose.

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