spending the weekend with v

homemade veggie lasagne - the duchess - chantré - spontaneous daytrip to primark - pizza, wine & more movies
 see more from what I bought at primark here

home wishes

picture 1 happy serindipity
picture 2-7  impressionen
picture 8 & 9 going home to roost
picture 10 & 11 styleseeking zurich

splashes of colour

picture 1 lookbook.nu
I have recently been considering to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe, and these pictures are a great inspiration to do so. 
Karlascloset  (which I'm sure you all know) was one of the first blogs I started reading more than 4 years ago (omg, time flies by so quickly) and I think she has a great sense for colours, textures and shapes. Although she tends to feature a lot of outfits that would look just ridiculous on me, (and most people, in my opinion) I still admire her for her courageous style. And from time to time I get lucky and see something I can really adapt to my syle.
Too bad I'm on a shopping ban for scarves...

une jupe francaise

hat and tights: primark; shirt: c&a; skirt: zara; wedges: mango

new old love

picture by me
been wanting a ring like this forever and finally managed to get one via asos

nothing new

 sartorialist, stockholmstreetstyle, knightcat, the drifter and the gypsy, fashiongonerouge

I just can't help it, I like simple outfiits in black, white and grey with some cognac added


glasses: ray ban; via we heart it
I want - no - I NEED those glasses


shirt, jeans, scarf: H&M; ring: Primark

I'm such a bad blogger recently. Sorry!

It's partly because I'm feeling rather uninspired recently. I'm not sure whether this is due to the everlasting winter (I mean, there are only so many outfits you can build from jeans and a warm sweater) or to a general problem with deciding on what I want to wear.
I recently talked about style with some of my friends. Not in an abstract way like "what is good style versus bad style". But in terms of personal style. You know, that signature style some people seem to have and others are lacking.
Personally, I don't think I have a signature style yet. I'm still experimenting. Which is why one day you will find me wearing an all-black outfit topped off with lots of studs, claw bracelet and smokey eyes, while the next day I might be wearing a white lace dress with middle parted hair and hippie-esque accesoires.
Nevertheless I have recently been thinking that it would be a lot easier to dress, if I wasn't jumping through styles that much. Not to mention that, as you get older, you need to be more aware of what you want to express through your clothes.
I have been thinking about making a series of posts on this topic, and would love to hear what you think about that. Would you be interrested?

Wow, this must have been my longest written post ever ;) 

lace and flowers

pictures by me
playing around with the retro camera app on my phone
flower crown: Primark