bella italia

I'm off to Florence for the next week, hoping you all had nice Easter Holidays and leaving you with a sneak peek of what I bought at Primark last week...
picture by me


4-6 fashiongonerouge

mix and match

via the sartorialist
Kind of liking the mix of the summery fowers and the fairisle print here


1,5&6 fashiongonerouge
2-4 we heart it

anger management

I can't believe that at 6:15 am, everything I wanted from the conscious collection is already sold out online. Unfortunately, this will most likely also be the case for the things in my local shop by the time I get there in my lunchbreak today. If they even have the dresses I want, because yesterday they didn't.
Did you all get what you wanted?

white & gold

pictures by me

Soo...after buying a new notebook, I'm finally back online (and broke).
However, the porcelaine and watch were really great bargains at the fleamarket yesterday.
I love them !


My dear notebook just died on me today.Please bear with me while I try to figure things out. :(

take a smile

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