on board

 picture via skartorialist
picture via fashiontoast

It seems like skating really is the latest hype (and I was jumping on the bandwagon without even knowing)
There is an awesome new blog called the skartoralist capturing skater outfits, and even Rumi was snapped carrying a deck. 

summer project

 picture by me

I've been wanting to learn how to skate and to surf for what seems like forever. This summerI finally decided to give it a shot. I must admit, skating is a lot harder that I thought it would be. And I'm guessing surfing will be even worse. 
But so what! 

Here's to a summer of bruised legs!

(And maybe, just maybe, in like 10 years I will be as cool as the girl in the 2nd picture)

Do you have a summer project, too?

I was a dancer all along

earclips: H&M for water

I wish I had the time and discipline to wear vintage inspired hairstyles every day
For some really inspiring tutorials I can recommend two lovely young ladies: The Cherry Dollface and Lisa Freemont Street 

oh thunder in my heart


I can't believe I've had Lykke Li's first album on my Ipod for more than 2 years now and only recently discovered how much I love her music

in full bloom

necklace, sunglasses and T: H&M; pants: Primark