welcome back

A little while ago I wecomed back my old leather school bag from my middleschool days similar to the one below. We had parted a long time ago, but my mom hat a good use out of it in the meantime. Sadly, the shoulder strap has somehow dissappeared, which is why I haven't used the bag so far.
But one bright moment today saved me for the time until I find a new strap at some flemarket: I simply re-used one old woven belt and made a strap out if it.


My favourites from Berlin Fashion Week so far (all pictures via Elle Germany)
Boss Black: Schumacher:
Sam Frenzel:
Rena Lange
Perret Schaad:
No IFS: Mongrels in Common:
Lena Hoschek:
Anja Gockel:

winter kate collection

Nicole Richies Spring/Summer Collection named 'Winter Kate' after the middle names of her daughter Harlow. Stumbeled across it because I loved the dress/tunic in the 3rd pic, and I must say I also love the vest and peacock-ring (from her House of Harlow Collection) in the last pic. See more pics here.

in my place, in my place

Wishing for spring to come. I don't want any more snow! Until then I try to surround myself with pretty things indoors.
all pictures by me

I know I'm late...

I know I'm late with the Jade green nailpolish, but I totally love the shade I mixed myself. Not exactly like the Chanel one, but still great. And really easy. All you'll need is white, dark green (really dark) and lighter green (like apple green) nailpolish and then start mixing until you reach the shade you want.
I'm also loveing my new silver fishy bracelet and pastel coloured dress from H&M I found recently. Perfect for spring, if it is ever going to stop snowing.
Picture 1: via Polyvore
Picture 2: by A.
Picture 3: by me