I know I'm late...

I know I'm late with the Jade green nailpolish, but I totally love the shade I mixed myself. Not exactly like the Chanel one, but still great. And really easy. All you'll need is white, dark green (really dark) and lighter green (like apple green) nailpolish and then start mixing until you reach the shade you want.
I'm also loveing my new silver fishy bracelet and pastel coloured dress from H&M I found recently. Perfect for spring, if it is ever going to stop snowing.
Picture 1: via Polyvore
Picture 2: by A.
Picture 3: by me


Nicole said...

Die Farbe ist ja wirklich gelungen, aber woher hast Du den dunkelgrünen Lack? Ich suche seit einer Ewigkeit danach.

balletslippers said...

^^ Danke! Der dunkle Lack ist von Essence multi dimension in der Farbe 53 ALL ACCESS

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