chocolate and raspberry

yes, I've been baking a lot recently

beatles birthday

Over my blogging break, I celebrated my birthday. This year, I decided to thow a Beatles themed Party. While I really love the band and listen to them a lot, I have to admit the main reason I wanted to choose this theme was this party. I mean, just look at that cool girl, those tiny cardboard guitars etc. I have to confess, I used a lot of their ideas, like the abbey road sign, the songtext banners, and the concert ticket inspired invitation (as you can tell from my pictures). But I also added some Beatles LPs (actually I faked those from other thrifted LPs) and made up geat names for the food. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination.
♫ Octopus Garden salad
Norwegian Wood spinach quiche
♫ Yellow Submarine pumpkin soup
♫ Magical Mystery Muffins
♫ Across the Universe cheese selection
♫ Strawberry Fields Forever eton mess

Other Ideas that I did not use:
♫ Apple Records tarte
♫ Sgt. Pepper (Dr. Pepper)
♫ Lucys Diamonds Chocolate Cake
and I'm sure one could come up with a lot more

Do you guys like to thow themed partys as well?  

O in B

sweater: Zara; skirt: All Saints; sandals: Massimo Dutti

I snapped this picture of my lovely O while visiting her in Berlin
As always, I'm so inspired by her style
I should show you her appartment one day, too, if she'll let me 

salt and wind

The salt has long been washed out of my hair; you'll find no more sand in my shoes. Summer has slowly faded, but I can still smell the salty air, hear the steady sound of the waves, feel the salty breeze in my hair, playing, taking my thoughts and carrying them out to the sea.

I had a wonderful time away, trying to catch some waves, eating delicious cake, falling in love with Berlin again, feeling small in Hamburg and spying on gorgeous old houses.

3 places I visited and can absolutely recommend:
Princess Cheesecake in Berlin (I'm sure you all know it) for its delicious cakes and beautiful design
Café Paris in Hamburg for it's authentic atmosphere and also delicious cakes
Alice in the Wonderland of Art exhibition in Hamburg for a world of wonder