beatles birthday

Over my blogging break, I celebrated my birthday. This year, I decided to thow a Beatles themed Party. While I really love the band and listen to them a lot, I have to admit the main reason I wanted to choose this theme was this party. I mean, just look at that cool girl, those tiny cardboard guitars etc. I have to confess, I used a lot of their ideas, like the abbey road sign, the songtext banners, and the concert ticket inspired invitation (as you can tell from my pictures). But I also added some Beatles LPs (actually I faked those from other thrifted LPs) and made up geat names for the food. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination.
♫ Octopus Garden salad
Norwegian Wood spinach quiche
♫ Yellow Submarine pumpkin soup
♫ Magical Mystery Muffins
♫ Across the Universe cheese selection
♫ Strawberry Fields Forever eton mess

Other Ideas that I did not use:
♫ Apple Records tarte
♫ Sgt. Pepper (Dr. Pepper)
♫ Lucys Diamonds Chocolate Cake
and I'm sure one could come up with a lot more

Do you guys like to thow themed partys as well?