theres a time for everything

I love Jewellery! And I definetely go through pases with it. A while ago, it was all about the perfect earrings. Big ones, little ones, chandeliers, you name it, I had to have them all. Then came the time for bracelets and bangles of all kind. I piled them on like crazy. Sometimes I had trouble fitting through coat sleeves. Next up were necklaces. Long, dangling ones, short ones, big statement or delicate ones. Now it's all about rings. I'm looking for new rings everywhere, and can't get enough. Don't get me wrong, while in those "phases" I'll still buy and wear other jewellery, like I'll still pile on bracelets sometimes. Just my focus is a little shifted, and the craved items are the ones I especially look for, while I pick up others.

the golden collection
the silver collection
most of my bracelets
and most of my nacklaces
all pictures by me


Rose Taylor said...


and your jewelery collections looks amazing! :)

xoxo, rose.

kleinetanzfee. said...

i love the silver rings

Fee said...

Ich mag deine "the golden collection" sehr. Der türkisene ist superschön! ;)

balletslippers said...

Thank you, sweeties!
Vielen Dank ihr Lieben!

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