second hand - second life

I must say, I find it very hard to part with any of my clothes, shoes or accesoires, even if I haven't been wearing them for years. But I find it a lot easier to sell my stuff to fashionable nice people (via Blogimarket, ebay, fleamarkets, whatever) then to those certain people at fleamarkets that try to make items cheaper by talking bad about them and complaining about the quality (you know what I mean!). I'd rather give things to nice people, even for a cheaper price, then to those people. Because I know they wouldn't appreciate it. This is also why I was very happy when I got a wonderful e-mail from Alexandra, who bought my little black evening purse from my shop, telling me what she had been needing the bag for. She didn't need it as a purse, but she needed certain parts of it for some really cool DIYs. It makes me happy, that my pretty little bag, that lived through many parties with me, is now having a second life as part of a bag and a jacket. So this is my bag before: And these are the items Alexandra made from its parts. Pretty cool idea, I think!

Picture 1: me
Picture 2-4: Alexandra

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