Safety Pin "Chanel" Bag

So, are safety pins the new studs? Inspired by this picture I saw on, I decided to do a few diy's myself.
First I tried a peace-sign on a plain black T, and really liked the outcome:
So I decided to make myself a "Chanel" Bag, and I absolutely love it!
Heres how you do it (very easy!) for shirts, bags, whatever you want to decorate.
- First decide on a symbol or shape, it just should not be too detailed (although I have seen an amazing safety-pin-bird on an blazer somewhere).
- Then draw the shape on the fabric with a pencil (or white crayon for dark fabrics). Just make sure, you use something that will wash out.
- Start pulling the safety pins throught the fabric. I found it to be easier to first just put a few, and then fill in the spaces in between as you see in the following pics
Et voilá - after about 2 hours of work I was done with my one-of-a-kind bag :)

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Linh☮ said...

Gefällt mir:)
Hab die gleiche Tasche:D

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