What to wear: 30ies Party

Recently I've been wondering a lot what to wear for my friends 30ies Party in a few weeks! Not too easy, since all my fashion books start in the 40ies only! But from what I've found out you can wear glamourous dresses and headpieces (think old Hollywood Divas!). Don't forget gloves! OR you go with the Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn style. This means Marlene pants (obviously!), silk blouse, hat and blazer. Don't forget red lips and wavey hair to make it feminine (and nice underwear to feel sexy!).
1: Headpiece with feathers and tulle: H&M
2: long dress: one vintage (via netaporter.com)
3: stay-ups: H&M
4: strappy sandals: H&M
5: short dress with lace details: temperley london (via netaporter.com)
6: gloves with bow detail: H&M
1: hat: H&M
2: mesh and lace body: La Perla (via netaporter.com)
3: blazer jacket: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania (via netaporter.com)
4: satin blouse: H&M
5: grey Marlene pants: H&M
6: ring: H&M

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