yesterday was a blonde day

I've been debating going back to blonde for a looong time now. Yesterday I finally got the courage up.
10:15 pm: I applied the first bleaching product. Tried to apply it to the lengths first, since my roots were already lighter (I'm naturally dark blonde).
10:50: applying took quite some time
11:05: ok, my roots are already really light, the rest ist still soo dark! A suggests dipping the lengths into a bucket of bleach. Yeah, well...
11:10: is my hair going to fall off? Or will the roots be white while the rest turns orange? I'm thinking of worst-case scenarios of all kind.
11:25: washing out
11:30: ok, my hair is still on my head. So far so good. But my hair looks like this. Gaaaah!
11:50: applied second colour
11:55: I hope the colour I chose isn't too light, so that it will smooth the differences
0:20 am: well, my hair looks a lot better. Not perfect (lenghts are still darker than roots), but I'll be working towards the perfect look.
This is the look I'm inspired by:
pictures 1&2 by me
pictures 3&4

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