Sorry for my absence this past week. I was very busy with a job interview, work, and preparing stuff for my birthday party (theme was New York, New York, by the way). 
I somehow also rushed a quick galaxy-print-diy, inspired by Jennifer and Katjusha 
Today, A and I went to the fleamarket again, and I scored some awesome boots. A "little" similar to those I got for my birthday, but I had to have them anyway. 
And, another diy I found on Katjusha's sketchbook: feathered earcuffs.
 pictures 1-3 and 6-8 by A
pictures 4, 5 and 9 by me


lotta said...

Eine schöne Party war das.
Und falls Dir die Schuhe doch nicht sooo gut passen sollten.. dann *hüstel* also..

MAYA said...

superschön geworden, dein universum-print shirt ! und ich würde mich auch opfern, wenn du die schuhe doch nicht mehr willst ;)

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