you're ruining me

Recent purchases from the swede. Add a pair of jeans and a few tops from the sale not pictured here. 
The bag somehow reminds me of that magic 2008 gucci campaign - so good!
Btw for those who are interrested: the wedges above are really comfortable. I ordered them online a few weeks ago, but they are also in stores now. 
AND: I must say, sometimes having huge feet pays off. Remember how I wanted suede slippers for fall, and was obsessed with crested flats? Well, H&M made my dream come true with this almost perfect pair of suede slippers at an unbeatable price. Unfortunately they are from the men's collection. So for once, I was happy about my big feet to fit into a small size 41.
I can't wait to wear them with red socks, rolled up jeans, simple shirts and a blazer. I'm in love!
pictures via H&M online shop

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