Bonjour Paris

 The last weekend was spent in the beautiful city of Paris.
I have to confess to you that I must be the worst fashion blogger ever. Despite of it beeing fashion week, I did not try to visit any of the shows, nor did I shoot any streestyles. In fact, I did not even go shopping except for souvenirs. 
My only excuse is that I had never been to Paris before, and there were so many things I wanted to do and see, that I wasn't even able to fit everything into our tight schedule.
However, there was one fashion-related event I joined, that I will tell you about in a few weeks.
Here are my favourite impressions of the city.

By the way, as a personal note, when visiting the Père Lachaise cemetery, which is truly beautiful, I was really saddened by the disrespect so many people show to the graves there. While paying respect to one person, like James Morrison, they are literally stepping on the graves of other people to have a better view. Or they even write messages on neighbouring graves. Why can't they show the same respect they pay to the person they came for to all other people lying there?

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katia said...

god i loved paris
i could live there no problem

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