a merry un-birthday

 A little while ago I turned 30. Yeah, I know, I'm old now :-)
Even though everyone seemed to think that I (not married, no kids etc) should feel bad on that occasion I simply didn't. However, I thought it was a fun idea to throw an un-birthday party. So Alice in Wonderland party theme it was.
Here's a little glimpse into what I prepared for the day.
And here is my pinterest with all the inspirations. I didn't go through with all of them though.
 Edible Chess board

 Bar and photo props
 DIY giant red roses
 DIY teacup cupcake wrappers
 Card soldier cake
 Red roses cakepops
 Flamingo caprese sticks

 photo props
and this was me :-)

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Nicest Things said...

Waaah, wie cool! Das war bestimmt eine Menge Arbeit, oder? So genial... ich mag vor allem das Dominosteine-Schachbrett und den Kartensoldatenkuchen :) Dein Grinsekatzenmakeup ist aber auch der Knaller! Herzlichen Glückwunsch übrigens noch nachträglich - ich werde ja auch bald 30 finde es überhaupt nicht schlimm. 30 ist das neue 20 ;)

Lieber Gruß


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