I need a resolution

My fashion resolution for 2010. So far I was by no means able to keep it. I guess reading too many blogs and then craving almost everything I see doesn't help.
Last week I realized my wardrobe is lacking so many basics. Like the perfect pair of jeans. Nice (slim cut) black trousers or jeans. A button down shirt that doesn't make me look like 200 pounds OR a waitress.
I tell myself if only I had some classic, multi-purpose items, dressing wouldn't be such a pain every morning. Wouldn't it? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This month's shopping goal: perfect slim cut jeans and nice, simple shirts. Will let you know in June, if mission completed...

balletslippers said...

please do!

Jennifer said...

na das erinnert mich doch sehr stark an mich und "ich brauch mehr basics! scheiß kleiderschrank! da ist nichts brauchbares!"
momentanes ziel: v-auschnitt t-shirts in den 'grundfarben' schwarz, weiß und grau; weiße blusen/hemden in allmöglichen varianten.
und: JA, mit basics wäre anziehen viel leichter ;-)

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