the sun came out

I know I just said that I don't have time for DIY's, but this one just needed a bit of clear nailpolish and glue to be completed. I swear!
I was so inspired by these beautiful lava stone rings I spotted on Yvan Rodic's visual diary in march and the obvious cross rings that can be seen everywhere (in this case Rumi from fashiontoast).
I decided to make this awesome ring myself. It's made out of foamed aluminium, and I cut out the shape with a saw, then smoothed the edges with clear nailpolish, and just glued it onto a ring (from an arts and crafts store). All done and I love it!
picture 1 via yvan rodic
picture 2 via fashiontoast
picture 3 by me
for more information on foamed aluminium go here

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