all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go really. I suck at packing for any vacation no matter how short it may be. I try to compensate my inability by making a lot of list. It only works sometimes...
So here is my list for a weekend visiting my friend in Düsseldorf:
- black leggings
- chinos
- black tights
- flower print maxidress
- black empire dress made by me
- coral jersey dress
- white T
- blush T
- black T
- black satin longblazer
- grey cardigan
- some scarves
- brown leather flat sandals
- black suede ballet flats
- black heels
- sleepwear
- other stuff like make-up, camera, jewellery, gift, ...
I know it is too much stuff for 2 1/2 days.

Note to self: buy pretty luggage!!


Anonymous said...

oh, these photos are just stunning, i wish i owned such pretty luggage <3 <3

Photographer Ida Linge said...

beautiful colours!

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