shame on you

What is wrong with Zara? First Betty, now Miss Pandora: Zara sells T-shirts more than obviously inspired by well-known bloggers without their consent. Last week I saw the Pandora shirt in a Zara store among some other shirts with girls that also seemed kind of familiar to me. I'm not sure if these girls are also bloggers - if so I don't read their blogs and therefore cannot know for sure. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were.
Forever 21 on the contrary, sets a much better example in selling a collection of blogger T-shirts, illustrated by Danny Roberts, with the consent of the featured bloggers. They even promote the shirts, like alicepoint does. Now that would have been a much wiser thing to to for Zara as well imo. 
picture 1 via miss pandora
picture 2 via le blog de betty

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