the heat

Ok, summer is finally here and I love it! But it's damn hot today. So what can one possibly wear in this heat? I mean, if you are young and don't even know how to spell the word cellulite, there is no problem: just grab some short shorts, a flimsy T and off you go. But if you are in need of at least SOME coverage of your upper thighs (like I do), let alone look somewhat decent and professional for work, you have a problem. Or at least I do. It's like the heat cooks my brain and I have no outfit-inspiration whatsoever left and just grab the most unflattering, yet lightweight, pieces I own.
To prevent this, here is some inspiration for those hot summer days.
for work:
picture 1 jak&jill
picture 2 
picture 6,7&9 lulu chang via her old blog everybody is ugly. maybe you can still find the pics on chictopia
rest: sorry, I don't remember

for weekends:
picture 1 blondesalad
picture 2 hanneli
picture 2,3,4&7
picture 5 stockholm streetstyle
picture 6 Frou Frou 
rest: sorry, I don't remember
In summary: go for wide legged trousers instead of jeans or pick a nice knee length skirt or shift dress for work. In your free time, go for flowy dresses or skirts of nice, cool fabrics like a silk blend. Or try a harem jumpsuit.
But most of all, no matter what you choose to wear: enjoy the summer! 
Have a wonderful summer weekend everyone! 

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Esra said...

Stimmt genau! Ich habe auch das gleiche Problem - Cellulite, und knielange Röcke und weite Hosen sind DIE Lösung!!

Schöne Stylings hast du rausgesucht!

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