I really suggest you...

...check out these fabulous blogs. I'm sure, you already know most of them, but maybe there is one ore another new to you. And I'm so excited that some of my friends decided to start blogs and that I found some really cool blogs just recently. So I just had to share. :)

I think I've told you before, how funny my friend V is. Now she finally decided to write a blog, and you can see for yourself.

in Bildern
You've already seen a number of pictures taken by A on my blog and on immer wieder dienstags. Now she decided to open up her own photo blog.

Champagne and Marshmallows
I just recently discovered this blog and love the pretty outfits.

fade to black
Just too good! Awesome bohemian-like outfits. I'm so inspired!

Les Tissues Colbert  
Beautiful home and interior design inspiration, paired with some nice recipes. Beautiful pictures.In german.

vintage portalen
I love vintage. End of story.

Things we forget
An new yellow post-it note left at a random public place every day to make people think about it.

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