Ok, so much for theory. In reality I went shopping last week. To the sales. Yes. And what happens at the sales? You buy stuff you don't need and are not going to wear. Seriously, sales are EVIL sometimes!
I did really well tought, until I saw this beautiful embroidereded jacket at the swede. Market down from close to 100 to a mere 15€! I couldn't really believe it, especially since I had been eying it since october. So it was time for me to try it on. And you already guess the misery: it just didn't look good on me. The cut - just wrong. 
So what did I do? Right: I bought it anyway!
What is it about a seriously marked down price that just completely turns your brain off?
Well, I ended up returning the jacket a few days later, but man, that was really hard work. Even at the counter I was almost about to take it back and keep it. So crazy!
Anyway, I managed to return it and got some really reasonable pieces instead:
 dress and black blazer: H&M; headbands: New Yorker
picture by me
How about you? Have you been to the sales yet? And do you also get fooled by low prices, or is it just me?

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