DIY 2013 agenda

 So, I know January is almost over and probably most of you have your agendas for 2013 all set up since December. But me, I'm late. Probably because I couldn't find one that I really liked. So I decided to make one myself, and I must say I love it in all its pastel starry beauty!
And for those of you that are late like me, I'm providing this calendar for you to download in english (here) or german (here).  Get the cover (here).

Simply print out all pages except first page in booklet duplex on regular printer paper. If you don't have duplex, use booklet front pages only first, then put the paper in the printer again and print booklet back pages on the backside.  Instruction here
Print the cover on cardboard.
For the spiral binding, first cut all pages in the middle and assemble in the right order. Then take them to a copy shop, they can do the spiral binding for you. Or maybe you have a machine for that, like I do.  
Or you can also just use the sewed version that I also used for the Paris Journal here. In that case, do not cut the pages, but instead fold them in half and sew together. 

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Oh my god I love your blog. Really inspiring :))

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