bye bye birdies

Ok, it's been a while and here's a little update to project de-clutter. 
So, in the past months I sold a bunch of stuff online and at the local fleamarket. I still have bags of clothes and jewellery I didn't sell yet, but about half of it is gone now. I also managed to buy less stuff than I would usually have during that time. I'll get back to that in an extra post sometime soon.
These past days I also cleaned my appartment and made my room ready for fall. I also changed one shelf and finally said goodbye to the little birds on their twig. (see here for what it looked like before) There are also some changes in the kitchen that I might show you next time. These are no major changes, but I feel step by step I'm getting to a more clean and structured space. What do you think?

By the way: to all those bloggers out there who constantly re-paint their walls (like Vera for example): I really don't know how you do that! My walls could definetely need a new paint job, but I guess I'm just too lazy. Hats off to you!


mia dylan rose said...

so schöne sessel! sieht sehr gemütlich aus.

Malina Sternberg said...

Oah hast du ein schönes Zimmer. :0

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