When I read on bees and ballons that katja was dissapointed in this year's Copenhagen Fashion Week I thought that couldn't be true. So last night I took some time to browse through the different collections. And it's true. Yes, there are some nice looks, but nothing is really refreshing or new. Even by Malene Birger failed to excite me as much as it has the past few seasons. I didn't expect that.
However, here are some looks I liked:
first 4 pictures: by Malene Birger, last 2 pictures: american retro
all pictures via copenhagen fashion week


Fee said...

Es sieht alles gleich aus. Es sieht alles aus, als müsste es definitiv den Bloggern gefallen. Schade. Mode sollte regelfrei sein, groß, grob, mächtig - und nicht so unterwürfig und gleich.

Anonymous said...

oo i like the dress in the middle, with the sweeping yellow bottom, so fresh and beautiful

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