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I've been wanting to make myself one of those diy Hermès Collier du chien bracelets for quite some time now, but never got to do it until now. And I really love it! 
To make your own just visit the Hermès homepage, click on "travel the world of Hermès", then select "surprises" on the left sidebar. You should now see the button with a bracelet and saying "I want it, I'll have it". Click and then you can choose the colour of the bracelet you want. To download the template and instructions, simply click on "I want it". I printed on paper a bit heavier thet the usual 80g hoping to make the bracelet last longer. To cut and glue the bracelet took me about half an hour.
I really want to make all of them now. I even tried to make one from clear plastic foil yesterday. OK, that didn't go too well...
picture 1 by me, picture 2 via Hermès

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